Yan Jie


Our research is based on highly sensitive single-molecule manipulation and imaging techniques. It also requires understanding mechanics of biopolymers.

Basic RGB
Single-DNA stretching and winding/unwinding using magnetic tweezers.

Our main research focuses are: Genome compaction and gene regulation in eukaryotic cells, bacteria, and viruses; Virus replication in host cells; Single-molecule detection of specific interactions between DNA and important proteins or enzymes; Micromechanics of biopolymers; Development of novel single-molecule manipulation and imaging techniques.

Latest Publications

Structural-elastic determination of the mechanical lifetime of biomolecules. S Guo, Q Tang, M Yao, S Le, H Chen, J Yan. Chemical Science. 2018

Transfer-matrix calculations of the effects of tension and torque constraints on DNA-protein interactions. AK Efremov, J Yan. Nucleic Acids Research. 2018

Two-State Folding Energy Determination Based on Transition Points in Non-Equilibrium Single-Molecule Experiments. H You, S Guo, S Le, Q Tang, M Yao, X Zhao, J Yan. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2018

Tension-Dependent Stretching Activates ZO-1 to Control the Junctional Localization of Its Interactors. D Spadaro, S Le, T Laroche, I Mean, L Jond, J Yan, S Citi. Current Biology. 2017

Mechanical responses of the mechanosensitive unstructured domains in cardiac titin. SM Pang, S Le, J Yan. Biology of the Cell. 2017

Selected publications by research areas

DNA structures and mechanics

Yao, M., Goult, B. T., Klapholz, B., Hu, X., Toseland, C.P., Guo, Y., Cong, P., Sheetz, M. P., and Yan, J. (2016). The mechanical response of talin. Nature Communications, 7: 11966.

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Protein filaments based gene-silencing and regulations

Desai, S.K., Winardhi, R.S., Periasamy, S., Dykas, M.M., Yan, J. and Kenney, L.J. (2016). The horizontally-acquired response regulator SsrB drives a Salmonella lifestyle switch by relieving biofilm silencing. elife, 5: 10747.

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Mechanisms of mechanosensing proteins

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DNA damage repair proteins

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