Xu Jian


PI-portraits-xu-jian2My research interests lie in the understanding of how a multicellular organism can grow and develop from a single cell and how the appropriate cell types are specified in the right place in an organism. I aim to gain a deep insight into the basic principles of cell polarity and pattern formation during plant development, using root systems of two model plants: the eudicot plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) and the monocot crop Oryza sativa (Rice).

Research Projects

  • Environmental and developmental regulation of root architecture in plants
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of regeneration in plants
  • Polar auxin transport and pattern formation in plants
Xu Jian’s lab

Selected Publications

Wang, L.K., Chu, H.W., Li, Z.Y., Wang, J., Li, J.T., Qiao, Y., Fu, Y.R., Mou, T.M., Chen, C.L. and Xu, J.(2014) Origin and development of the root cap in rice. Plant Physiol 10.1104/pp.114.240929.

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