Utkur Mirsaidov


PIpages-utkurM-nanofluidicTech 2 Nanofluidic Technology for Direct Imaging

​We are developing new electron transparent nanofluidic platform  for imaging physical, chemical and biological processes.

We use atomically thin graphene film as building material for assembly of nanofluidic devices.

U. Mirsaidov et al., Scrolling graphene into Nanofluidic channels. Lab Chip (2013).

Nanoscale dynamics in biological, physical  material sciences

H. Zheng*, U. Mirsaidov* et al., Electron beam manipulation of nanoparticles. Nanoletters, 12(11), 5644-5648 (2012).

U. Mirsaidov et al., , Direct observation of the stick-sPIpages-utkurM-nanofluidicTech 3lip movement of nanometer-size water droplets induced by electron beam. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109(19), 7187-7190 (2012).

U. Mirsaidov*, H. Zheng* et al., Imaging protein structure in water at 2.7 nm resolution by TEM. Biophysical Journal 102(4), p.L15-17 (2012).

PIpages-utkurM-nanofluidicTech 4Nanometer Resolution Light Microscopy

We are developing a technique that will enable to obtain fluorescence map of specimen using narrow excitation electron beam which is not diffraction limited.

Selected Publications

Jingyu Lu, Zainul Aabdin, N Duane Loh, Dipanjan Bhattacharya, and Utkur Mirsaidov, Nanoparticle Dynamics in a Nanodroplet. Nano Lett., 2014, 14 (4), pp 2111–2115 (DOI: 10.1021/nl500766j).

Zainul Aabdin, Jingyu Lu, Xi Zhu, Utkarsh Anand, N Duane Loh, Haibin Su, and Utkur Mirsaidov, Bonding Pathways of Gold Nanocrystals in Solution. Nano Lett., 2014, 14 (11), pp 6639–6643
(DOI: 10.1021/nl5032919).

U Mirsaidov, C-D Ohl, P Matsudaira, A direct observation of nanometer-size void dynamics in an ultra-thin water film. Soft Matter (DOI:10.1039/C2SM25331C, 2012).

U Mirsaidov, H Zheng, D Bhattacharya, Y Casana, P  Matsudaira, Direct observation of the stick-slip movement of nm-size water droplets. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109(19), p.7187-7190 (2012).

U Mirsaidov, H Zheng, Y Casana, P Matsudaira, Imaging protein structure in water at 2.7 nm resolution by TEM. Biophysical Journal 102(4), p.L15-17 (2012). Selected by Faculty of 1000.

U Mirsaidov, V Dimitrov , J Commer, D Wang, A Aksementiev, G Timp. Slowing the translocation of double stranded DNA using a nanopore smallaer than the double helix. Nanotechnology 21, p. 95501 (2010).

U Mirsaidov, W Timp, V Dimitrov, X Zou, K Schulten, A Feinberg, G Timp, Nanoelectromechanics of Methylated DNA in a Synthetic Nanopore. Biophysical Journal 96(4), p.L32-L34 (2009).

U Mirsaidov, J Scrimgeour, W Timp, M Mir, P Matsudaira, G Timp, Live Cell Lithography: Using optical tweezers to create synthetic tissue. Lab Chip 8, p.2174-2181 (2008). Featured in the Research News of Chemical Biology 3(11), p. B83 (2008). Tiling yields model tissue. Selected as a Royal Society of Chemistry’s Hot Article of 2008.

U Mirsaidov, W Timp, K Timp, M  Mir, P Matsaduira, G Timp, Optimal Optical Trap for Bacterial Viability. Phys. Rev. E 78(2), p.021910 (2008). Selected for Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research 16(5) (2008).