CBIS-Olympus Workshop on the DSU Spinning Disc Confocal System

You are cordially invited to attend CBIS-Olympus workshop on DSU Spinning Disc Confocal System, 25 August to 4 September, 2015.

Olympus DSU spinning disc confocal is designed to optimize the trade-off between confocality and light throughput. By placing a spinning disk with an alternating pattern of vertical and horizontal slits in the confocal plane of the microscope, the slit disk spins and creates virtual pinholes which have an effect similar to the pinholes used in confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), i.e. to reject out of focus information. However, different from CLSM/laser based spinning disc confocal systems, DSU allows an arc lamp excitation source to be used, offering maximum wavelength flexibility in an economical package.

The schedule of this workshop is as followings:

Introduction to Olympus spinning disc confocal system, IX3-DSU

Date and Time:   25 Aug 2015, Tuesday, 930am to 1030am.
Venue:   S3-05-02 – DBS CONFERENCE ROOM (S3 LEVEL 5)
Speaker:   Mr. Fhu Chee Kong (Olympus Singapore)

System demonstration/test

Date and Time: 25 August – 4 September, 2015
Venue:  CBIS lab, S1A #01-04

Please access http://goo.gl/forms/vIM2n4Xpau for free registration and reservation of system demonstration/test slots.